IT Consulting Services

Experienced IT Consulting Services for the oil & gas industry

From the initial evaluation of your requirements, through design and into implementation, GeoComputing Group has the skills and resources needed to help you be successful.

Let Our SME's Guide You To Success

Oil and Gas IT Consulting Services

GeoComputing Group has significant experience in E&P computing environments within the Energy sector. Our team has extensive domain knowledge in the fields of infrastructure services, application support, data management, and the processes required to support the E&P activities in Oil and Gas companies. We fully understand your entire technical computing environment, end to end.

GeoComputing Group can be your Trusted Advisor. We deliver services with a duty of exceeding customer expectations. We provide expert level, vendor neutral solutions. We deliver, implement, and operate those solutions. We do all this by adhering to GeoComputing's engagement Code of Conduct.

IT Product Appraisal

GeoComputing Cloud offers Everything as a Service (XaaS). Some service line components are included, some are optional, and some are offered through a Professional Services engagement. Public Cloud services offer only a fraction of what GeoComputing Cloud can provide.

Strategic View

Is your business ready to move to a cloud-based platform? Do you have staff that truly know what it takes to migrate to a cloud solution? GeoComputing Group has Oil & Gas domain experts that can help you make the transition.

Have you evaluated your ROI from the technology you have? Knowing what has been a good investment can help you plan ahead by identifying where your budget has had the biggest impact on productivity.

At GeoComputing Group we embrace, and have probably contributed to, the common practices of our industry. Your goal is our goal, to make you more efficient in your core business. We can help you make the IT decisions that are right for you and your company. We are your E&P Technical Computing experts in application support, infrastructure services, and data management.

Change is Coming

It always does, so do you want someone who has been there before to go through it with you? GeoComputing Group has the experience to give you an independent analysis of your situation and assist you in making the right decision for the issues at hand. Your tools need to be sharp, and your people need to know how to use them.

Be Progressive

GeoComputing Group can engage your senior leadership teams and translate high-level business objectives into actionable programs and projects. By applying our G&G and IT domain knowledge, and combining that with E&P industry techniques, we can help you leverage your key hydrocarbon explorers across your business.