IT Application Support Services

Experienced IT application support services for the oil & gas industry

When you take on the massive amounts of data you use, your tools need to be sharp and your people need to know how to use them. Your tools need to work for you!

Vendor-Neutral Advice From Our SME's

Workflow Optimization

Application support is just the beginning. In addition, we can add value to your business by working with your geoscientists and engineers to optimize their workflows. We have years of experience that can help you design, test and implement workflows that maximize the efficiency of your existing technology, and your staff, both of which are vital in today’s competitive business environment.

Application Evaluation

Our team of independent geoscientists make us the perfect partner to help you evaluate your current and future application suites. Using our domain knowledge of current industry practices and a solid understanding of emerging technologies, our SMEs can work with your E&P and IT teams to build testing scenarios that will guide you in your evaluations.

Vendor Agnostic

GeoComputing Group knows the applications you use and we know the vendors, but we are not tied to any single one of them. As such, you will get the independent advice you require from people known and respected in the industry. Click on the following link to view our Supported Applications.

Data Integration

Today, applications rely on sophisticated data integration techniques that go far beyond feature lists. Understanding how the applications store your data is important, but understanding the access patterns over a network is critical and at the heart of an application’s functionality and performance. We have a deep understanding of data types and access patterns that will help you build efficient solutions.

Best Practices

At GeoComputing Group we know the best practices used within the industry, and in some cases have been the driver in creating or promoting them. You may already be using them; if not, you may want to consider doing so. Our value proposition is to make your core business more efficient.

Domain Knowledge

Our SMEs cover all the common applications used in the industry. So if you are looking for operations support for any geotechnical application, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.